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    aicyy10 Игрок Incredible-PvP

    7 ноя 2021
    ;)Hi, my name is Saiumy, in this topic I'm going to teach you some things I learned playing EncrediblePW

    To start the game, you must register on the game's website: https://incredible-pw.ru/index.php , after registering, activate your account by email. So that you can access the player's panel and release your IP access on the machine to be used to play the PW.

    After you have released your IP access, you must open your Patcher to update the game to the latest version, in order to enter the game, login your account and create your character, among the 3 races and 6 classes that exist.

    After creating your character, you must return to the player panel, to redeem your Gold which is essential for your development in the game.

    Once you've completed all the steps above, let's get down to business. Your character in the game will be in the dragon city alongside the main NPC's in the game, through them, you can develop and become stronger.
    Choose your mastery among the two available in the game, GOD or Evil the item to choose from will be available in your inventory, after making your choice, you will see in front of you several NPC's referring to your cultivation and your class in front of you. In these NPC's you can acquire the level 11 abilities of your class, thus making your abilities even stronger.

    After learning your lvl 11 skills, just ahead at the coordinates ''524,654'' you must forge your initial items, to get forge them you must acquire the "Immortal Stone" in the Gshop of the game Pressing the Letter '' O ''.


    After you finish forging your initial items, you can start your journey in the game. Remembering that first of all, make sure you are equipped with Amulets of Life and Energy that can be purchased at Gshop, among other props that help you stay alive in the Game instances, a good recommendation is to use the Auto potion that will help you a lot at the beginning of the game.

    The main NPC to carry out daily missions in the game is located in Dragon City at the coordinates ''526.652'', with these missions you will acquire items to forge your next armor and weapon. Some of the daily missions are done in Intancias, which can be accessed via the Teleport Stone in Dragon City at the coordinate "529,664".


    After completing the quests within the instances, you must return to Dragon City and deliver the quest you just completed. Items obtained through quests can be traded at NPC "527,654". After performing the exchanges, you can get parts of the next armor and other props, if you have the necessary amount to forge.

    In addition to the quests in instances, you can also get stones to put on your armor, killing the big bosses scattered around the main PW map, the coordinates are in the daily quests. Be careful though, these monsters are very strong, but there are ways to kill them and complete your mission.

    I hope I have helped, if you have any questions regarding the game, contact me if I can answer or have news I will continue posting new topics.

    A good game everyone!
    Sincerely, Saiumy!;)

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