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    aicyy10 Игрок Incredible-PvP

    7 ноя 2021
    The Mascot, also known as a pet, is one of the most essential and interesting parts of the Enchantress. This guide is intended to present most of its important properties and characteristics.



    1 - How to get a mascot
    2 - Incubating and removing from your cage
    3 - Invoking, Guarding and Lurando
    4 - Renamed pet, trading pet skills, Loyalty and Food
    5 - Command Bar
    6 - Evolving your pet


    1 - How to get a mascot in Perfect World:

    There are several pets in the game, they are usually classified as (Normal, Rare and Legendary), for lovers of witches is essential as soon as possible to conquer a Legendary pet!

    Currently, in this current version of PW we have Herculés and Fenix, both mascots of great importance and relevance for your development within the game.

    Starting Level: 1
    Capture Mode: Legendary (G shop Store)
    Food: Pasture, Biscuit

    The Phoenix is a great PVP mascot. Base attack stats and movement speed are slightly higher than most pets in the game. She comes with Blessing, Sharp Claws and Tas-Back, many Sorceresses put Violent Bite in the 4 skill slot, for the bleeding performance which is very good.

    Starting Level: 1
    Capture Mode: Legendary (G shop Store)
    Food: Meat, Biscuits

    It's the best in terms of defense, it comes with physical and magical defense buffs, Countershock (Reflect) and Zás-Trás (I recommend removing this skill and replacing it with another one of your interest). In fact, among other words, he is the one that produces the best results through buffs due to his base resistance stats (Physical Defense, Magic Defense and Health), because without them even Hercules would not be useful for anything as a tanker. It has a slightly better DPS than the other pets (it's 0.8 attack frequency), but it still doesn't do much damage for base damage.

    These are the main mascots for your journey through the game, the Fenix being perfect for PVP and the Herculés for PVE. With the right spells, your Pets will be unbeatable.


    2 - Incubating and removing from your cage:

    As said, your cage can be accessed through the letter (P), To put a pet in your cage or to incubate it, you need space. In any domesticated (pet manager as well) by selecting to incubate pet egg option you can hatch the egg and convert it into a pet.


    Drag the icon of the egg you want to hatch from your inventory to the space in the Pet Hatchery window and click hatching A coin fee will be charged for the procedure (The fee may vary depending on the pet's level and quality).

    In the same NPC there is the option Uncubate pet, with the same procedure, but this time you must drag the pet icon from your cage to the space in the window that will appear. A coin fee will be charged for the procedure.

    3 - Invoking, Guarding and Lurando:

    You can summon your pet by pressing the letter (P), Or drag your pet's image to the Skills bar, where I particularly find it easier. A pet can only be called if it is alive, if it dies it will have the darkest icon, and you will need to resurrect it.

    You can lure ordering the pet to attack a certain mob/boss among others, when it lands the first blow you guard it, so only the attacked mob/boss will come on top of the sorceress as if it had been detached from the others. Remembering, if you are using Hercules for Lurar, do not use its Reflect ability.

    4 - Renamed pet, trading pet skills, Loyalty and Food:

    To rename a pet, your pet must not be active and you must buy the "Collar" item at Grandma Nanda Morris (587,620) Dragon City, and click on the rename pet option. At the same NPC it is possible to forget about pet skills, buy new common skills and learn these skills with your pet. (To increase the level of the learned skill, you need the training manual that you sell from the NPC itself).


    Pets have 4 loyalty levels, controlled by that yellow pet bar. To increase your pet's loyalty you must feed it and every kill or negative starvation status it will lose loyalty.

    Loyalty levels are:

    0-50 = Wild: The pet has 60% of its original attack and receives 10% more experience than normal.

    51-150 = Ambivalent: The pet has 80% of its original attack and gains 60% more experience than normal.

    151-500 = Companion: The pet has 100% of its original attack and receives 100% more experience than normal.

    501-999 = Loyal: The pet has 120% of its original attack and receives 150% more experience than normal.


    The pet is hungry, and you should feed it every 5 minutes approximately, the food can be seen here.
    Your pet has 6 levels of hunger (varying by color from colored to green to red), each of them ranging in lost loyalty points. Are they:

    Full: The pet will lose 0 points every 5 minutes and will receive 100% of the power points.

    Normal: The pet will lose 1 points every 5 minutes and will receive 100% of the power points.

    Malnourished: The pet will lose 5 points every 5 minutes and will receive 90% of feeding points.

    Satisfied: The pet will lose 15 points every 5 minutes and will receive 80% of the food points.

    Hungry: The pet will lose 50 points every 5 minutes and will receive 60% of the food points.

    Dying: The pet will lose 100 points every 5 minutes and will receive 30% of the food points.

    The pet will not feel hungry if you are using any Divine Book, even if it is a Christmas Wish Book. But he will still lose loyalty when he dies.


    5 - Command Bar:

    The pet has a bar that involves its use options, they are:



    Attack: Represented by a wolf, the pet will attack the selected target
    There is a shortcut for this, by default it is Alt+1, but it can be changed by pressing K and choosing another shortcut.

    Follow: Represented by a footprint, the pet will return alongside the Sorceresses.

    Stay: Represented by a collar, the pet will stay stationary where this option is used. If attacked in shield mode or ordered to attack, elevate to move to the target and as soon as death occurs it will return to position.


    Shield: The pet will attack the one that attacks its master or itself.

    Auxiliary attack: Represented by menacing eyes and teeth, the pet will attack the same target as the Sorceress.

    Manual: Symbolized by a hand, the pet will only attack when the sorceress orders it by means of the attack commands or using active abilities. It returns without success once the follow command is used.

    Active Skills

    These are special abilities that the pet performs, each having a different effect. One or more comes by default in the pet after capture at fixed varying levels, they can be removed and customized at the user's discretion. Pets don't need MP to use skills.

    They can be selected in yellow by right clicking on them, so the pet will always perform the same skills as soon as available. But this is only valid for offensive skills, but it doesn't work with buffs and other auxiliaries.

    There are shortcuts for them, by default in order they are Alt+2, Alt+3, Alt+4, Alt+5. But this can be modified by pressing the letter (K) and changing the shortcut linked to the skill.

    6 - Evolving your pet:

    For your pet to stay strong and follow you and have better status, you must level it. For this you just go to a place with higher level monsters, the higher the level of the monster, the more XP your pet will receive. Remembering that the greater his Loyalty, the higher the % experience he will receive.

    7 - Extra tips:

    Spells I use on Fenix in the fourth space

    Violent Bite: Rips with claws and fangs, severely injuring the opponent and causing bleeding.

    Along with the Sorceress using Defense 0, the target in PVP will be easily eliminated.

    In pet Hercules, you can exchange the first ability for:

    Tiger's Challenge: Forces the enemy to exclusively attack your pet.

    Along with your Reflect and Sorceress Defense 0, it will be easier to kill any bosses on your journey.

    Thank you very much to everyone who has read this far, I hope I have helped.

    Sincerely, Saiumy!:)
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    merecross Администратор Команда форума Администратор

    11 июн 2021
    Перевод гайда и редактирование c учетом изменений в обновлениях:

    Боевой питомец является одной из самых важных и интересных частей дру. Этот гайд предназначен для подробного рассмотрения боевого питомцы друида.

    Содержание гайда:

    1 - Получение боевых питомцев и основная характеристика
    2 - Основные скиллы для Боевого питомца

    1 - Как получить Боевого питомца:
    На нашем сервере есть Бао и Феникс, которых можно купить в шопе (Питомцы-->Боевые) - они 200 лвл.

    Максимальный уровень питомцев - 250, находятся в Личном кабинете сервера (Cеребро-->Боевые)
    Мать волков в ЛК (пока что она 60 лвл)

    Оба питомца важны для друида, поскольку в некоторых местах, например, в данже нельзя призвать Феникса, но можно призвать Бао. На полете же, наоборот: мы можем призвать Феникса, но не можем Бао. Поэтому оба боевых питомца имеют большое значение.

    !!!Друиду важно кормить своих питомцев, так как от этого зависит Атака питомцев!!!

    Для прокачки уровней умений боевого питомца используется Учебник (Питомец --> Боевые)
    Для удаления скиллов используется Книга забвения (Питомец --> Боевые)
    Для изменения имени используется Ошейник для питомца (Питомец --> Боевые)

    Базовая характеристика 200 лвл с фулл кормлением:
    Базовая характеристика 250 лвл с фулл кормлением:

    Базовая характеристика 200 лвл с фулл кормлением:

    Базовая характеристика 250 лвл с фулл кормлением:

    2 - Основные умения для боевого питомца

    Всего питомцу можно изучить 4 умения. Все умения можно купить в шопе.
    Вот некоторые из основных:

    Остроумие или Наскок (макс. ур. 2) - с вероятностью 80% питомец оглушает противника на 3 секунды.
    Острые когти (макс. ур. 5) - увеличивает базовую физическую и магическую атаку на 30% на 1 ч.
    Яростный укус (макс. ур. 5) - кидает кровоток на 9 сек, нанося 200% базового физ. урона пета. С ноликом это очень дамажный скилл.
    Прочная шкура (макс. ур. 5) - черепаха, которая поглощает 50% получаемого урона
    Удача (макс. ур. 5) - повышает на 30% макс. хп на 1 час
    Жертва (макс. 1 ур.) - пет теряет 75% хп и наносит 400% физ. урона
    Толстая шкура (макс. ур. 5) - увеличивает физ. деф на 150%
    Сила духа (макс. ур.5.) - увеличивает маг. деф на 150%

    Отсосы (Высасывание жизни и Осушение жизни) пофикшены. Поэтому не советую их изучать.

    Какие 4 умения использовать - по Вашему усмотрению. Но я бы советовал стан и острые когти по дефолту ставить, остальные на выбор.
    Только лучше, конечно, чтобы стан был не первым скиллом, так как при призыве пета 1 скилл автоматически используется (поэтому приходится, нажимая правую кнопку убрать эту функцию). Лучше изучать первым скиллом, к примеру, Острые когти.
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